Biblical Chronology and an End Times Perspective




The Millennial Sabbath



Jesus will return on a white horse after an absence of two-thousand years. Then follows a period of one thousand years. Six times the period of a thousand years is emphasized (Revelation 20:2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7). This is often interpreted as a literal one-thousand years, or the Millennium, a time of peace when Jesus will rule the earth. A thousand years of rest from Satan and his woeful wiles.


The conclusion is in the first sentence above. The tie is in the last sentence – “rest.” The last day of the week is the Sabbath, the day of rest.


What did some early Christians believe about the timing of the return of Jesus?


Behold, the day of the Lord shall be as a thousand years. Therefore, children, in six days, that is in six thousand years, everything shall come to an end. And He rested on the seventh day. this He meaneth; when His Son shall come, and shall abolish the time of the Lawless One, and shall judge the ungodly, and shall change the sun and the moon and the stars, then shall he truly rest on the seventh day. (Epistle of Barnabas 15:4-5)


The days of history would be as the days of Creation, seven days with the Sabbath as the last day of rest. Then a day to God would be as a thousand years (Psalm 90:4, 2 Peter 3:8). There will be six-thousand years of history followed by the Millennial Sabbath.


There was nothing exciting about expecting Jesus to return long after our own lifetime, so this view never caught on. Now it could be exciting.


The theory developed that there were 2,000 years from Adam to Abraham, 2,000 years from Abraham to Jesus, 2,000 years from Jesus to His return, and then the Millennial Sabbath. Two-thousand years from Jesus’ Crucifixion in 30 AD[1] to His return in 2030. That will be in the lifetime of most of the present population of the earth. Life will get exciting.


This ties in to the Daniel’s last prophecy with the 1335 days ending in 2027. Then Temple III will be dedicated in the middle of End Times. That is 3˝ years before Jesus charges in on his white stallion in 2030/1[2].


[1] See The Crucifixion of Jesus and following chapters. Jesus was Crucified in 30 AD, not 31 or 33.


[2] Dates are calculated in the ancient Jewish calendar with the New Year in the spring. They will overlap the Western calendar so Jesus may return in 2030 or early 2031. We may not know the day and the hour (Matthew 24:36), but we will know that Jesus is near, right at the door (Matthew 24:32-33).


Last update: August 30, 2013